Don't let these quick workouts fool you. They will make you sweat. Perfect when pressed for time or add them on the back end of a workout as a finisher. Let's go!

  • Fire Legs (quickie)!

    Jase is an energizer bunny. He brings it in this 10:00 Cardio Quickie! This will feature leg exercises along with some burpees. You can do anything for 10:00. Add ankle weights if you want to be super sore.

  • It's Pool Season!

    This all ab workout is about 15:00. Amzie uses light weights to challenge the core a little more. Let's get busy. This is also a great finisher.

  • Backside / Frontside

    This quickie is all about targeting your Backside and your Abs. Ankle weights can make it spicy. Great for a finisher as well. 18:00 Total Time.

  • Tank Top Workout

    Arms, Triceps, Shoulders, and a little Core mixed into this quickie. Jase uses medium weights for this.

  • Heart Pumping Metabolizing Booster

    You Will Do A Burpee Ladder Down With Exercises In Between. 15:00 of Fun and Sweat. No weights needed. Great Dose Of Cardio.

  • Fat Blaster!! (quickie)

    Quick little cardio blaster to get the heart rate jumping. Only about 12:00 of work. Medium weights used here. Has a little bit of Abs at the end. Great for a finisher or if you need something really fast.

  • Full Body Quickie Weights - Misty

    Misty gets you with a full body with weights. She also uses a bench in this workout. Kind of a quickie workout too. Solid!

  • S'more Core

    This core quickie will take you about 15:00. Will be hitting the core hard while getting a secondary burn on the arms. Great finisher for sure. No weights needed (ankle weights would be a true heater).

  • Core Ab Cardio Challenge (quickie)

    No weights needed. Get a sweat going in about 17:00. Will be core and cardio focused.

  • Cardio Quickie - Amzie

    Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jump Lunges, and more in the fast paced 12:00 workout.

  • Core : ABs quickie - Amzie

    Can use a weight or a med ball. Ankle weights would be challenging for sure. Bring It! 13:00

  • Upper Body Quickie with weights - Amzie

    You need a quick (less than 20 minutes) challenge? Hit this one and get your upper body juiced! You will need one set of medium weights.

  • Abs Only - Quickie (Amzie)

    ABS - 10:00 Round with Amzie will have your abs burning!

  • Cardio Quickie - Amzie *with music

    QUICK HIT CARDIO. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, HOPS, BURPEES etc.... NONSTOP FOR 12:00! Added Music For Your Listening Pleasure. Tell us what you think!

  • You Want It All

    Our quickie workouts are less than 20:00 in duration. Grab one heavy weight here and get sweaty with this Full Body workout from Caroline!